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Set a one time fee, or a subscription fee. Want to group courses into bundles? You’re in control.

Reward your students

Give them badges and points to encourage learning. Award certificates once they past the tests.

Drip feed your lessons

Don’t discourage your students by the amount of what’s to learn. Schedule lessons and deliver one at a time.

Create Fitness Courses

Who said you need a gym? Your clients can stay fit from the comfort of their homes.

Teach your craft

Your skills are unique and invaluable. Create beautiful courses to share your knowledge

Train your team

Your team will need training. Whether that’s new procedures or new software. Let them do it at their own pace.

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Create unlimited courses

Whether you want to create 10, 100 or a 1000 courses, we will not limit you in anyway.

Unlimited students

Most platforms charge on per student basis. Not us. Why should we take a cut of your hard earned profits?

Total control of enrollment

Want to give a course for free? No problem. Want to mark a course as members only? Sure.

Create student groups

Create groups similar to real classes. And assign a leader to monitor their progress.


Set a learning path and tasks to be completed, simply review student submissions.

Choose your pricing model

Choose to charge a one time fee. Create a membership fee. Create course bundles? Or give away for free? Sure you can

Accept multiple online payments

Why limit yourself, when you can accept PayPal and all major credit cards. Or even accept cash or revolut


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